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"Geri Body Yoga"
Geri Halliwell and Katy AppletonGeri Halliwell and Katy Appleton team up again in this video made especially for you.

Follow Geri, Katy and Nate through five sections of yoga that will help build your mind, body and spirit in a programme designed for all levels of fitness. Filmed on location in Los Angeles this programme will help you transform your body just like it has helped Geri maintain her physical well being.

Geribody Yoga is yoga for everybody

Yoga is non competitive and this video lets you go at your own pace through two warm ups, a strength section, bliss and a relaxation section (chill). Do it all in one session or section by section on any given day, dependent on how you feel and what your goal is. Do poses that provide energy and poses that provide relief from everyday stresses.

'Katy is a breath of fresh air, physically, mentally and spiritually... I love her.'
Geri Halliwell

"Geri Yoga"

Fantastic for all ages and levels of fitness, this is the programme that has helped transform Geri's body over the last 12 months. Created and introduced by Geri's yoga teacher Katy Appleton the DVD and video demonstrates exercises and positions that will be suitable if you are just beginning or a more advanced pupil.

The DVD and video have been devised so that you can chose your own pace and programme depending on how you feel at that particular moment; choose from poses that calm, poses that provide energy and uplift and poses that releive fatigue.

Some clips from the Geri DVDs, and some from Katy's DVD boxset:

"I got into yoga 2 years ago. I was looking for another form of weight loss and yes it has helped me keep in shape but yoga gives me so much more. If you want to feel good about yourself, relax and feel healthier, this might be just the thing for you."
Geri Halliwell


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