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Katy Appleton teaching appreciative yoga students on retreatAlways best to get a recommendation right?! ... some words given in support of the many yoga retreats, workshops and classes taught by Katy...

Private Tuition

"Katy is unique in her ability to make yoga so enjoyable.."
Sarah, The Duchess of York

"Katy is a breath of fresh air, physically, mentally and spiritually... I love her."
Geri Halliwell

"Katy's class rocks!"
Suzanne Duckett, Health, Beauty and Well-Being Journalist, Broadcaster & Author

"One-to-one classes with Katy are a life-saver. After practising I feel both more alert and more relaxed; the problems of the day no longer seem insurmountable and I can feel my shoulders dropping from around my ears back to where they belong."
Louise Halliday, Marketing Director, English National Ballet

Group Classes

"appleyoga classes totally mentally relax me and physically rejuvenate me at the end of a long day. The flexibility of the class schedule means there's always a class I can attend. In the six years I have been practising yoga I have attended classes all over London, nothing compares to the quality and enjoyment of appleyoga classes. I've also met some amazing people along the way".
Helen Barnes, Communications Director

"Katy has a wonderful ability to make sure yoga is so much more than a set of physical positions. Though it's wonderful to stretch and develop strength and flexibility and work your way thoughtfully, guided by her, through those positions, the classes come with an added bonus - mental calming and wellbeing. Katy is brilliant at imparting the other benefits of yoga – the calming of the mind that comes from concentration on the present, from breathing deeply, from being grounded in the physical for an hour or so – things you gradually learn to try and take with you into the outside world. I always leave feeling calmer and stronger."
Caroline Haydon

"Katy has a gift, she is an amazing teacher.  As a yogi just setting out on my journey, she has shared some insights that have helped calm the babble in my head through her articulate and knowledgeable communication about specific postures,  the importance of breathing and the total philosophy of yoga- if that's what it's like for a beginner I can't wait to explore more. Thank you."
Bridget Marrison

"Katy's classes are beautiful. I feel like I am getting to a new level of understanding through her teaching, which is an amazing feeling - it's small here and there, little light bulbs popping on, but it has big effects. Thank you!"
Genevieve Anthony

"I always love coming to Katy's practice as no matter how tired or flat I feel I always come away feeling uplifted and inspired.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the aromatherapy oils she uses contain magic fairy dust..."
Sereena Edgerton

"The breathe and movements we did in the course really helped and when I felt overwhelmed mentally and emotionally, I would remember to just take is as a challenge like we did in the course preparing us for labour. Thanks for the great classes and the goal is to take more soon."
Abby Tovell

"Thanks for the classes - I really enjoyed them and have already recommended them to friends."
Tracey Akeroyd

"As a relative newcomer to yoga it has given me a sense of inner calm and tranquillity, combined with a yummy sensation of stretching and working with my body."
Wendy Longman

Pregnancy Yoga

"appleyoga's classes were invaluable to me through my pregnancy, and postnatally; the relaxation and rejuvenation I needed, re-establishing my core strength and confidence at the hands of outstanding teachers....the classes are restorative and energising, and they have been essential as I often arrive at class feeling like a weary new mother, and leave with a true sense of renewal and tranquillity. Thank you!"
Sarah Brown

"What I really loved was the opportunity for some time out to really wind down and feel grounded, being pregnant was a real rollercoaster of emotions and physical sensations and the yoga really made me feel grounded and helped me connect with the baby - which especially at first seems like such an abstract concept!  Also I was really quite anxious about the baby at first, and the yoga helped me feel much more positive!"
Donna Neil

"I joined Katy's pregnancy yoga class to maintain my fitness in pregnancy and got so much more out of it. Each class was wonderful and made me feel light, agile and strong. When I went into labour I instinctively used movements and positions we had practiced each week in class. The breathwork from class became the key to my focus, control and relaxation. I was in tune with my body and Katy's words ran through my head and helped me birth my daughter without fear and with confidence in myself. I achieved the perfect birth I had visualised and hoped for - with no thought of needing pain relief. A truly healing and joyful experience following my previous emergency c-section. Thank you Katy!"
Caroline Yates


"The Yoga retreat in Ibiza was pure bliss, wonderful yoga every day and time to play in the afternoon.  Thank you Katy for being so full of light!!!  I love you!"
Alexis Vincent

"It was a fantastic retreat in every way.  A good mix of yoga, meditation, relaxation, fun, group activities and healthy food.  Katy is a truly gifted teacher and I look forward to the next one hopefully in the Maldives!"
Pamela Jones

"The retreat was pure indulgence for me and I came away feeling refreshed and relaxed with loads of enthusiasm to carry on and take my yoga practice further. Katy was fantastic and I wish I could take part in these yoga sessions every morning!"
Vicky Meikle

"Katy has an enormous knowledge – not just about yoga but also about the physiology and psychology of both body and mind. Through her guidance in the different yoga classes you have the chance to become a better version of yourself. Thank you Katy for a great yoga experience and our first retreat. 
Peter and I left in a very grateful and thankful state. We want to come back for more – and are already looking forward to the next time."
Catrin & Peter Rudling, Turkey retreat 2011

"'Mindblowing', was the promise and my mind was truly blown! The combination of Nikki and Katy has deepened my practice in ways I couldn't have imagined.
The quality of teaching was consistently outstanding and deeply thoughtful.
A wide range of students abilities were supported with commitment and enthusiasm. It was just as wonderful to see my fellow Yogis open their hearts, minds and bodies throughout the week.
My heart, body..... And family!.... can't thank appleyoga enough!"
Helen Glen, Turkey retreat 2011

"By the end of the week I had the deepest sense of calm and contentment.
How? For me it was a wonderful combination of being in an olive valley far away from the hustle of daily life able to enjoy the amazing yoga inspired and led by Katy who helped me find more space and natural flow, add to that our chanting sessions with Nikki that moved us as a group and individually in wonderful ways, plus delicious food and a totally inspiring group where every person added something to the week. I am anxiously waiting for the next retreat and can't believe I waited so long to do my first one. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. Simply magic."

Lisa Prass, Turkey retreat 2011

"I felt transformed in the most positive way by the end of this wonderful retreat. Both Katy and Nikki have so much knowledge and enthusiasm and are very skilled at imparting that to others. It was a truly enlightening week both physically and spiritually. I feel blessed to have shared the beautiful space of Huzur Vadisi with such an amazing group of individuals. I am continuing to reap the benefits of our retreat in my daily life. Thank you!"
Emily Harris, Turkey retreat 2011


"The word that comes to mind when thinking about Katy Appleton's workshop is 'Wow!'... Katy is a vibrant, energetic person whose love of life and yoga shines out like a bright light. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I learned so much during our day with her. Katy's dance background is obvious and she practices yoga with a beautiful, graceful, fluid style. She encouraged us to use movement to come into and out of poses without sacrificing structure. She gave us permission to soften the boundaries."

"When we saw Katy approach Trikonasana as if it were a forward bend we thought she had lost the plot! It went against everything we had been taught. Katy faced over her front leg and spoke of feeding her femur into the hip joint. She then turned with emphasis on the thoracic spine. When we did the pose ourselves it seemed strange but once fully in the pose it felt exactly right. There was no strain in the hip joint or sacrum and it was comfortable and easy to hold."

"Before attending Katy's workshop I had read her book and used her DVD, both of which I love and refer to often. Seeing her in person was the icing on the cake and I have just one question – “When is she coming back?”"
Sharon Gleeson

"Katy & Maya spark off each other and blend together to exceed the sum of their considerable individual talents. Some may think them a little barking, but they have an infectious enthusiasm and sense of cheeky fun that is shared by those who attend their classes. The workshop was an amazing experience from grounding energy, connecting to the inner spirit, strengthening the mind and taking the body past percieved limits with a light heart and confident smile. The venue was ideal and there was a super positive atmosphere amongst the attendees - all those I met were genuinely nice people. Particularly enjoyed the picnic lunch and the uncontrollable laughter! When's the next one?"
Steve Hoirns

Teacher Training Testimonials

"A joyous journey with incredible teachers! applecore is a really wise, comprehensive and practical yoga teacher training course that also takes you on a beautiful spiritual and wonderful personal adventure."
Beth Wheeler

"I've never worked so hard or had so much fun! This course is a real treat. Katy and her team have put together a top notch, intelligently planned, profound, multi-faceted training course. They are so willing to share their experience and deep love of yoga. Without a doubt, one of the best decisions
I've ever made."

Janet Chittock

"The appleyoga Teacher Training Course is the reason I get onto my mat every morning. Thank you! The passion and dedication that has gone into this training program is mindblowing."
Deepa Shah

"I have been absolutely delighted by every stage of the appleyoga Teacher Training Course. The quality of the training by Katy, her team and guest teachers has been excellent. It has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery for me and has inspired and challenged me hugely on physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a teacher or who wants to deepen their yoga practice."
Lauren Grove

"I can't put into words the life changing effect this course has had on my mind body and soul! Incredible and inspirational teaching and support has been given to us all and lifelong friendships have been forged. If it's possible in your life - do this course!"
Phillipa Woodgate


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