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Yoga Birth Rehearsals
Yoga birth rehearsals to help you and your soon-to-be-born beautiful babyFor many people this time in their lives can be full of questions and uncertainty. The yoga birth rehearsal class has been especially created to offer simple and effective tools to empower and support both mother and/or partner through this miraculous transition to parenthood.

Katy is a qualified birth partner (doula) with plenty of experience assisting and supporting women in labour. Due to her years of teaching prenatal yoga she has been able to understand exactly what is helpful during a birth process and gives clear and concise tools on how to manage your birth from a place of knowledge and grace.

Topics covered include:
  • optimal foetal positioning and the value of posture in late pregnancy.
  • massage techniques for pregnancy and labour.
  • physiological process of labour, teaching specific, simple and accessible yoga practices to assist at each stage.
  • mapping the bony pelvis which empowers the woman to understand her own body shape in preparation for birthing her baby.
  • birthing positions.
  • mental and emotional preparation for birth.
  • breath and movement in labour for energy and pain management.
  • top tips for birthing partners.
  • visualisation and relaxation techniques to promote gentle birth.
The class ends with a deep relaxation practice that assists in the integration of the techniques taught. You will also receive information sheets covering the practices involved in the birth rehearsal class.

Sessions last about 1.5hrs

Price: £60 per person

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