Katy Appleton brings to yoga more than 30 years of expertise in movement through ballet, yoga, pilates, body tuning, breath, sound and energy work. She is an internationally recognised teacher of Vinyasa Flow and is known for bringing the true essence of yoga alive in a student's body mind in creative, dynamic and life transforming ways. Her teaching is bio-mechanically savvy whilst fun and playful, invoking a deeper embodied sense of self within a practice.

Through her classes she offers her unique signature that nurtures that space deep within each of us, using exquisite yoga tools such as poetry, invocational mantras and Kirtan, flowing, static, easy and dynamic movements, breath work -pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra and blissful deep rest.

Suitable for: strong beginners upwards.

When: Tuesday evenings 7:30–9:30pm

• 21st May 2019
• 25th June 2019
• 17th Sept 2019
• 26th November 2019


• 1 Class - £30
• 2 Classes - £58
• 3 Classes - £85
• 4 Classes - £108

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Where: The Study Society, 151 Talgarth Rd, London W14 9DA


21st May 2019 - Jala - Water Flow

Just after the fullest moon, we move into the water current to purify the senses and get our energy body moving. This delightfully playful class has many twists and turns to the usual way of moving in yoga, which will invite a completely fresh perspective to your practice and entire body, mind, centre!

25th June 2019 - Preciousness of Life

Using the invocational energy of the warrior Goddess's Kali & Durga to cultivate a massively potent contemplation of " In the face of our own mortality - what matters most!".

An essential reflection for life, which can reveal the energy and bhava (feeling state) that we we are willing to go through in order to transform. Taught with an abundance of mother energy and some sharp slaying swords to invite the cutting away of the dross in order to radiate in our inherent light! WHOOOSH!

17th September 2019 - Lakshmi - Invocations

The sweetest of themes to invoke the Goddess Lakshmi's key qualities to awaken more deeply within us. This goddess invokes luck and great health to flow abundantly, support in our worldly life and developing the qualities gratitude and generosity, inner radiance, happiness and love in general - who wouldn't want all of that!!! I will be using mantra and kirtan, as well as contemplation, flowing movements, meditation and a deep and blissful rest - Come play - I know you will go deep!

26th November 2019 - Immune Booster

As Winter is called in, we can embrace the change in nature, life, and the body through this theme. This is the time of the year when we can celebrate abundance and all the good things we have as well as the skill of letting go. We will look specifically at the autonomic nervous system and the vagus nerve to soothe and replete and the respiratory system and lungs, using this class as a sweet tonic when we are most in need of some immune support.

Through the physical asana we will take a ride through creative sequences sprinkled with twists like revolved half moon and revolved triangle, a camel inspired sequence will all build some heat and immunity. Moving sweetly into a seated lunar current where we can fall into the depth of opening through hip openers, forward bends and simple inversions. Earth this flow with a sweet blissful savasana.