Monthly yoga classes near Clapham Junction, London

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Monthly yoga classes near Clapham Junction, London

from 25.00

£25 per class, or all three for £60

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Dates & times

Saturday mornings 9:30am–11:30am

  • 20th October 2018

  • 17th November 2018

  • 8th December 2018

20th October 2018: Nourishment

As Autumn enters, we can embrace the change in nature, life, and the body, this is the time of the year when we can celebrate abundance and all the good things we have as well as the skill of letting go. We will look specifically at the respiratory system and lungs, using this class as a sweet tonic when we are most in need of some immune support. Through the physical asana we will take a ride through creative sequences sprinkled with twists like revolved half moon and revolved triangle, a camel inspired sequence will all build some heat and immunity. Moving sweetly into a seated lunar current where we can fall into the depth of opening through hip openers, forward bends and simple inversions. Earth this flow with a sweet blissful savasana.

17th November 2018: Lit Up

This luminous theme invites your body-mind into the felt sense of lightness in the trillions of cells that make us up, a bio-mechanically savvy class, which is full of interesting information to keep the body safe, aligned, strong and light.

Katy will offer her usual signature within the class that nurtures that space deep within through poetry, mantra, flowing movements. Expect to feel strong, deeply nourished, lit up and peaceful.

8th December 2018: Christmas Presence

Tis the silly season again isn't it, where life is abundant and not always in the ways our 'being' so desperately needs. Through yoga asana, sound vibration, meditation and deep rest we will attune to the dynamic ground of stillness that is always present, yet missed in our never ending "to do list!"

Through our time together, offer yourself prasad - a blessing of the gift this holiday season of deep presence. Come away with simple techniques to tune into your life outside of this flow and feel centred, balanced and recharged.

Who these classes are suitable for

Suitable for strong beginners upwards who are confident with the following:

Various flows of the Sun Salutation and dancing warrior series, extending the knowledge of asana, Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation techniques.



Price Studios
110 York Road, Battersea
London SW11 3RD


By train

  • The nearest station is Clapham Junction - a 10 minute walk away.


  • Please see Google Maps to find your best route - parking at Price Studios is behind the building and is available upon request.


  • Bus routes 44 and 170 stop directly outside the studios. The 295 and C3 also stop nearby, a 2 minute walk away.

Walking from Clapham Junction

  • Exit the station via the Grant Road exit

  • Turn left into Grant Road

  • At the end of the street, turn right into Plough Road

  • At the traffic light, go right into York Road

  • Price Studios are on the left, 50 metres ahead