1. A substance believed to maintain life indefinitely. Also called elixir of life.
  2. A sweetened aromatic solution serving as a vehicle for medicine and believed to have the power to cure all ills.
  3. An underlying principle.



40 day online course within a private online community with daily 6 to 30min video/audio experiences that land in your inbox



Yoga, Meditation
Relaxation Techniques,
Mantra & Sound Practices,
Ayurveda & Nutrition,
Live Coaching by Katy & her highly skilled guest teachers



Reset & create new neural pathways in the brain — it's been proven that a new habit needs to be applied daily for 2 weeks to 2 months for true change to occur

We began our first elixir journey in February - we've learned from your fantastic feedback and will be back new and improved this October...

Although we all have the intention of moving through the content as a community, it's important that you never feel you are 'behind'. There is no such thing. We have included integration days for you to catch up and absorb / repeat the lessons. 

You go at the pace your life allows, knowing that there is a natural momentum with the other people on this flow with you, and any days you skip you can catch up with later.

You will have unlimited access to all audio and PDF content, and access video content for 2 months after the course ends as well.

Once you have joined us you will be invited to the interactive private members' group on Facebook.

This course is for you if: 

  • You find yourself telling the story that you haven't the time to do the self care you need. You can see the benefit of travelling through a reset period of 40 days. You want to develop new neural pathways and new daily habits that serve you and the people in your life. 

  • You have let go of a daily practice that has supported your life or have gone into autopilot with it. You want to experience a freshness in your practice with new and forgotten tools and have a community to hold you accountable to your intentions. 

  • You feel that you know what you want and need to thrive, but just don't do it. You make excuses that feel real - and they are - but they are also holding you in a pattern that feels stuck. You want to go beyond discipline and into a place where doing what you know feeds your soul is just non negotiable and a pleasure to do.
  • You give and give to the people around you and forget to put your oxygen mask on first. There is a deep longing inside you to come home to yourself and that translates as full permission to nourish yourself and live with a fundamental self care philosophy in action.
  • Other external factors take precedence over your wellbeing and drain your life force including addiction to technology, work and over stretching yourself in parenting and other relationships. You are willing to change the record and find another way to live without these things limiting you and sucking you dry, to find a freedom inside of these structures. 

Course contents:

In our time together we will take you on a journey through these elixirs
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