Home :: Roots 

If we stay up in our head too much in life we will start to feel ungrounded, anxious and off balance eventually in all aspects of who we are, body, mind and emotions.

We will begin by creating a safe space in ourselves and find home within. We connect to the earth and strip back the layers of conditioning.

We will begin here for the first week, with meditations, yoga practices and an introduction to ayurvedic daily rituals for your health and grounding. 

Day 1 :: Katy - Full asana practice: Ground Control

Day 2 :: A selection of teachers take us through altar and sacred space creation 

Day 3 :: Guest teacher Lisa guides us through an accountability practice of promises and consequences to set us up for a fulfilling elixir. 

Day 4 :: Guest teacher Debbie begins the nutritional reset including gentle detox and reconfiguration of what nourishes us :: Cleanse! 

Day 5 :: With Debbie :: Immunity 

Day 6 :: With Debbie :: Nervous system

Day 7 :: Even more grounding! Restorative practice 

Day 8 :: A meditation for dissolving what is no longer serving us with a shaking practice and alternate nostril breathing to ground.

Day 9 :: Integration day 

Flow :: Creation 

The water current represents our ability to be in flow. This is the hub of our creativity, sense of self worth and sexuality. 

When we stagnate through habitual posture, internal dialoguing and our environment there is a knock on effect into our life and how we show up. 

In this chapter we explore how to stay in the flow of life.

Day 10 :: Katy - Free-form asana practice

Day 11 ::  Katy - Kundalini dynamic meditation

Day 12 :: Guest teacher Inisya takes us through daily Ayurvedic practices. (dinacharya)

Day 13 :: Katy - Full asana practice: Grace Space

Day 14 :: Integration day 

Courage :: Inner Fire

This is the energy of our own personal power, the place where the ego resides and where we assimilate dreams into action.

When we are out of balance we can be overly controlling, manipulative or have a lack of self worth / esteem. Our identity is completely lost or blown out of proportion. 

Here we immerse in practices to keep our power centre in balance. 

Day 15 :: Katy - Intention setting and kriya, breath work and core cultivation   

Day 16 :: Katy - Full asana practice: Immune boost

Day 17 :: Katy - Set your soul on fire audio practice

Day 18 :: Integration day 

Compassion :: Heart 

We acknowledge our connection to all. This begins with an integration within ourselves - all parts included. 

We all need to know ways to love ourselves with nurturing compassion, deep reverence and love. We need to put our own oxygen mask on first in order to expand and feed and fuel others. Here we will explore ways to practice this. 

We breathe. We look at the traits that divide us on the inside and in our relating. We meditate with mantra. We take a look at our shadow and learn how to transform our demons into the rocket fuel of our life.

Day 19 :: Katy - Full asana practice : Heart Shine into closing with restorative poses.

Day 20 :: Katy - Heart meditation and breath work with affirmation

Day 21 :: Katy - Mantra meditation and asana

Day 22 :: Intro to buddhist metta practice with guest teacher Sean

Day 23 :: Metta meditation with Sean

Days 24 :: Integration day

Truth :: Balance

Here we are... learning to listen to the inner whisper, staying spacious, open and honest.

For whatever reason in the conditioning of life we may have been shut down in this area of communication, perhaps by becoming mute and shutting ourselves off from a deep desire to listen and communicate or perhaps 'over talking' in the wish to be heard.

This energy is the bridge that connects from the more dense areas of our body mind system to the esoteric layers. These practices are here to set one free, to find their true voice and resonance in life, they bring us to a place of clarity. 

Day 25 :: Guest teacher Ananta delving into the idea of awakening. 

Day 26 :: Katy - Asana practice with sound

Day 27 :: Katy - Sound practice - moving through the tones of OM

Day 28 :: Katy - Full asana practice: Moving Towards Stillness

Day 29 :: Katy interviews guest teacher Hareesh

Days 30 :: Integration day

Intuition :: Wisdom

Through overuse of computers and thinking mind, the third eye that sees in all directions can get closed down through our interactions with people.

We might not go into the depths of intuition, we may Google instead. We have so much external information (which is wonderful) but we need to use our internal intuition as our compass point. Ultimately, we have to learn to trust in that deep knowing and place value in it. 

Here we slow right down. We write. We gaze at candle light. We move trusting the inner pulse of the body in free form, we practice new sound meditations. 

Day 31 :: Katy - Simple movement flow 

Day 32 :: Guest teacher Lisa on how to take a fear inventory

Day 33 :: Katy - Full asana practice: Yummy Yin

Day 34 :: Katy - Third eye activation meditation

Day 35 :: Katy - Free flow movement for intuition and trust 

Days 36 :: Integration day

Communion :: Divine

What is always here that does not come and go?

You don't need to have silence in order to find stillness, it is always present. However what tends to happen in our every day is we place our attention onto the general movement of life and this creates our reality. 

This can discombobulate our system and easily knock us off centre. so it is vital to place value on diving deep below the waves of mind into this space of dynamic stillness so we can return home again. 

Day 36 :: Katy - Being meditation

Day 37 :: Katy - Full asana practice: Going In & In 

Day 38 :: Bridging the worlds between emptiness and fullness with Sean

Day 39 :: Jamie Catto - What about our Xmas presence?!

Day 40 :: Katy - Ritualistic Asana 36 / 72 / 108 repetitions of a simple sun salutation to close. 

Integration & completion

We have created integration days within each Elixir so you can repeat and enjoy any of the previous content. This time allows for the practices to integrate into your daily life and system and for you to find the ones that truly resonate. Too often we will go on retreat or take a course and then struggle to keep up the good feels and positive effects in our life - most of us know this feeling. 

Days 40 - 50 :: We encourage you to integrate the whole course and continue to return to a nourishing daily practice on-goingly. 

We will be on hand for questions, comments and shares in 2 live calls that will follow after the 40 days have completed.