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Katy Appleton
Katy AppletonKaty Appleton enjoyed a 10 year career  as a dancer before devoting herself completely to yoga. She danced across the world with the Royal Ballet and English National Ballet, complimenting her dance career with the power of yoga's movements, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Katy qualified to teach yoga in 1998, after studying many different styles with some of the world's leading practitioners. Katy draws on her experiences to teach her own form of yoga, known worldwide as appleyoga. The appleyoga brand has published several yoga books and five bestselling DVDs by Katy, she also appears regularly on Sky TV.
Hayley Pedrick
Hayley PedrickHayley is a functional medicine practitioner and yoga enthusiast. She came to yoga initially because she thought it would be a good form of exercise - a gentle way to stretch and tone her body post-pregnancy. Looking back she laughs, “I had no idea what I was in for. Yoga has given me gifts beyond my wildest imaginings.”

Shortly after beginning her yoga journey Hayley began to notice powerful benefits from the practice. She grew stronger, leaner and more flexible. The physical asana brought about a confidence and willingness to try all sorts of new poses - even if they appeared to be impossible to achieve. Hayley began to notice that the benefits of her practice extended beyond the mat - she felt she was developing flexibility and creativity in her relationships, at home and in the way she worked with her clients in the clinic.
Susie Anderson
Susie Anderson
After years of practicing yoga and seeing the positive effects on her own life, Susie trained to teach yoga to share her passion and inspire others ~ “The physical and mental strength I get from yoga is very inspiring, I often walk away from my practice stronger from the inside with a heartening feeling that anything is possible.  The sense of presence yoga brings to my life is a great joy and as a result, the space that opens up allows me to be more creative in everything I do”.
Natasha Moutran
Katy AppletonNatasha completed her 200hr Teacher Training with appleyoga, going on to continue her studies with appleyoga, training as a pre & postnatal yoga teacher. She is very grateful to all the wonderful and inspiring teachers that have helped her on her journey and enjoys sharing her skills, knowledge and insight with her students. Natasha's creativity makes her classes enjoyable and fun, while always bringing her students back to find their centre. She is always eager to learn and develop her practice, insight and knowledge as both a yogi and a teacher and knows that this path will be a never ending journey of discovery. She hopes to share this passion and excitement with her students, inspiring them in both their classes and in life.
Louisa Garnier
Louisa Garnier"My first ever yoga class was some 12 years ago and I had no idea what I was in for!... I left an hour and a half later physically and mentally in pieces which was more than a little unsettling but the experience had left it's mark and every week without fail I schleped across london in the rain to get to my class and became more and more intrigued as the yoga worked its magic..."

I was working closely with a director in the film industry as the time which left little or no time for myself ... as the yoga progressed I found myself longing for more nurturing ways to spend my life ... and as life would have it it was a car crash that set me free. With a little reflection and the need to recuperate I quit the film industry and worked with yoga to heal my body.
Leila Sadeghee
Leila SadegheeLeila's teaching style is inspiring, informative, and humorous; she is a fairly brainy person, and, reflective of her eight years of working therapeutically with the body, she enjoys educating people about what is happening underneath their skin. At the same time, she offers her students a way to re-think the way they relate to their life through exploring yogic philosophy, contemporary spiritual writing, and other salient sources.

The spirit is one of curiosity and inquiry, and the verbal content of the class underpins yoga asana practice that thoroughly addresses the need of tired, urban-dwelling bodies to unwind and recharge at the deepest level. Students of Leila are cultivating a balance of strength and flexibility, a steadiness of mind, and an openness of heart.
Emma Heald
Emma Heald
Emma came to yoga gradually, trying out different styles and finding a yogic path through her travels and life.

A yoga retreat in Morocco three years ago confirmed that it was yoga that would help with that inward search and from here created a regular practise including further retreats, appleyoga foundation course and appleyoga teacher training (240 Hour Yoga Alliance accredited).
Michelle Stanley
Michelle StanleyMichelle first came to yoga about 12 years ago, and it was love at first class.  Initially yoga was recommended by a trainer at the gym as something that may help with flexibility, and to help address niggling little aches and pains from weekends spent running and playing sports; and weekdays spent in a stressful, busy, corporate environment.  “Yoga had never really been on my radar, I was more of gym-goer and a runner, but from the very first class, I knew yoga had way more to offer me than longer hamstrings.
Róisín Montgomery
Roisin Montgomery - yoga teacherRoisin has been passionate about yoga since she started practicing in 2004. After moving to London, she was given the opportunity to take her journey deeper and completed her 200 hour Teacher Training with Lalit Kumar in 2012. Appeasing her thirst for more, she furthered her studies with appleyoga, and trained as pre and postnatal yoga teacher, and more recently gaining her certificates in baby massage and baby yoga.

Roisin is delighted to be able to deliver the traditions of yoga in a light-hearted & fun setting.  She feels privileged to be able to be share the gift of yoga and its benefits with mums-to-be at this most beautiful time whilst bringing a few smiles along the way.
Silvia Sanvito
Silvia spent her first 30 years looking for her path and ending up trying different jobs and playing different stressful roles in corporate environments. When she stepped on a yoga mat for the first time 6 years ago an instant shift happened: the simple fact of being in contact with her body and breath made her realize how distant she was from her real Self, her real inner nature. The practice of yoga became soon a regular part of her life together with the empowering world of self-inquiry, work on yourself and spirituality. As she opened herself more and more to the beauty of inner Life, her life path became clearer and clearer in front of her, until the day she felt the call to share this transformative practice with others and completed a 200h Teacher Training with appleyoga.



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