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About appleyoga
Katy Appleton, founder of appleyoga
"For me yoga began with a few tentative steps.  It has now become a way of life and something that fills me with constant happiness and wonder.  I always feel as if I'm sitting on a great secret that I want to share with everyone.  Each time I practice I feel as if I'm coming home after a long time away, refreshed, with a new set of eyes, a vibrant breath and a strong and relaxed body.  Yoga has been and continues to be, a source of inspiration in every part of my life."
Katy Appleton, founder of appleyoga             

appleyoga offers you the chance to come to class and commit to looking after yourself better both mentally and physically.  It is about complimenting the life you already lead, bringing an enhanced feeling of health, strength and peace to your daily routine.  No matter what physical condition you are in, yoga can be a shining light to take you forward in life, so that you can develop naturally and deepen your relationship with everything around you.

Just like life, you get out of yoga exactly what you put in so what are you waiting for?!



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