I'm Katy.

Founder of appleyoga, lover of life and recovering control freak. 

I was a dancer from the time I could walk. I was immersed in the world of ballet from the age of nine, which today gives me the insight and x-ray vision into how bodies move. 

Through my offerings with appleyoga I support people like you to immerse themselves on the yogic path of insight and absorption. 

People often ask me - how do you do what you do? 

Honestly I can't exactly distill what I do because it has been my life’s path, however it's my trauma and my awakening that allows me to show up how I do.

People are often curious about what inspired me to teach. I would say that was a choice-less choice, what people might refer to as a calling, a sense of purpose. 

My whole life I have been fascinated by the human form and curious about what makes us human. I was a ballet dancer for the English National Ballet and travelled the world expressing myself through movement. I trained in both Pilates and Yoga and 18 years ago put an advert in the local paper advertising a free yoga class.

I didn't know what to expect...70 people showed up and I had to split the class into two to accommodate everybody. It seemed that there were a lot of people who wanted to learn. And so appleyoga was born. 

I believe in direct transmission. That we have to experience who we truly are rather than learning it from a book. 

When I met one of my teachers, Ananta, in India, this transmission became a direct reference to that, an embodied knowing. It woke me up to what was truly going on. Working with her and my other mentors gave me access to realms I didn't previously understand in terms of how I can show up in relationship to my students, my friends and my family. (On that note, my kids have moulded my level of chillax and help remind me every day that I can't control it all).


Every day

I am learning to soften into myself. To make it less hard to be me.

Honesty is a high value for me, to live openly and relaxed. To be a safe space to hold people in humility, in their own humanity, so that we can all trust in the way we show up. 

I am here to serve

I am an eternal student of yoga and it feels like one of the highest privileges to teach, to have the trust of my students. 

This practice has the ability to promote change and insight, connection and deep deep listening. These elements ripple into so many other strands of life in ways that are beyond our choosing and control. 

This is why I show up, again and again, to teach. 

I do not have it all figured out and have moments in life where I feel integrated and whole, and others where I feel fragmented and have to dive even more deeply into these practices that serve me (and in serving me serve everyone I meet). Having these days keeps me humble and reminds me of the potency of what we offer through appleyoga. A timeless and enduring practice that does shift our experience of being human in a myriad of ways.