appleyoga academy

We offer you

The highest quality trainings throughout the year for practicing yogis, teacher trainees and yoga teachers, having guided around 350 appleyoga trainees into the world of teaching both with our 300 & 500hr program. 

Our values and vision

What we look for in our teachers before they go out into the world is the ability to guide with a depth of presence that reflects a level of understanding into themselves. 

The capacity to engage with the student fully, being able to see them as a whole person, not just a body doing movements. 

We build a strong community of teachers that support each other in life and teaching. 

Teachers walk away with the ability to offer classes that work, based on brilliant class plans that stand out from the crowd. There is something different about how they teach and this happens through a clear grasp of appleyoga's methodology.

It's not just because they are skilled in the biomechanics, but they are attuned to orchestrating change within the body mind. 

appleyoga academy is led by Katy Appleton and her luminous colleagues, who together bring years of experience and expertise in each field, offering the highest quality and range of education, spanning trainings, training retreats and workshops.