An appleyoga retreat will bring you home to yourself. It's an opportunity to let the extraneous go and connect with what is here now, to slow down and therefore recognise what deeply nourishes you. 

Katy and appleyoga have handpicked our retreats, in places of immense beauty and culture to invoke transformation in a lasting and potent way. 

You will be held and supported in your own practice and rhythm, to deeply relax and be nourished to the very essence of your core. 

There will be two classes per day. The morning sessions are solar vinyasa flow, a variety of dynamic asana practices to strengthen, energise and calm both body and mind. The evening sessions are lunar in nature incorporating meditation, yoga nidra and deep relaxation.    

Explore below to see the options for your immersion in yoga, self care and sometimes, adventure. You will return home with a refreshed appreciation for life and some more tools to help you integrate with grace.