Emma Heald, appleyoga teacher and mentor


Emma came to yoga gradually, trying out different styles until discovering appleyoga on a retreat to Morocco.

This retreat was the catalyst from which Emma jumped into her appleyoga Teacher Training. The training created the foundations for becoming an appleyoga teacher, teacher training mentor, pre/post natal teacher and gave her the confidence and ability to learn through and with other teachers including Nikki Slade, Cat Alip-Douglas, Catherine Annis, Matthew Sandford, Leila Sadaghee and her soul sister, Natasha Moutran.

Emma is dedicated to all levels of yoga with an emphasis on learning whether its building the foundations of a beginners practice to fine tuning the delivery of a new teachers first yoga class or modifying a yoga practice when pregnant. She has a firm belief that yoga should be safe for the body and respects all levels of student. 

Whilst a qualified teacher she is very much a student of this lifelong practise and always will be. Her excitement for what she knows and has yet to learn keeps her classes' fun, awakening and balanced.

What are you inspired by?

A beautiful painting (my husband is an artist!), a tuscan sunset, deeply reviving yoga retreat, a early morning run around Venice, cosy breakfast for two in Paris or a peaceful Bali morning.

Why Yoga?

Yoga, to me, is now a practice now that extends well and truly off the mat and to all aspects of my life. I came to yoga from curiosity and stay for the inspiration it creates, the challenges it offers, the quietness and solitude and the community and friends it provides. 

As a runner too I fully believe that yoga is key to keeping the body healthy, calm, grounded and injury free.

What music do you listen to?

Generally other peoples playlists! Katy's iPod full of beautiful tunes from Ludovico Einaudi to Sia to Adele created my love for vinyasa yoga. Through the beauty of Spotify I am able to collect and compile music from my travels and yoga connections creating a global, community inspired playlist!

Favourite Asana?

Wheel - Urdhva Dhanurasana. If I could only do back bends I would!

Hardest Asana?

Crow – Bakasana.......ALWAYS! 

Ideal Weekend?

A long, sweaty yoga class or a long, relaxing restorative class! Maybe a run or walk with the husband, wandering around an art gallery, visiting friends or family – a good Sunday lunch with strong red wine......or a lazy day in Florence.

Recommended book?

The Alchemist, Paulo Cohelo is an all time favourite. Its a book I return to when I'm wandering away from my goals and path. I also recommend it to friends and always have it on Amazon to ship to new friends across the world!