Kerry-Lyn Stanton-Downes, psychology


Kerry-Lyn fundamentally believes in two principles – firstly that we all crave to make meaning of our experiences and secondly that we are conceived in relationship and as a result have a built in desire to be ‘in relationship’ - with ourselves and others.

These two principles are at the very foundation of her life. Working as a psychotherapist, coach and facilitator, Kerry-Lyn spends much of her time working with clients to make meaning of their experiences so they can gain a greater level of mastery in their lives, as well as develop deeper and more conscious connections with themselves and those around them.

Through her extensive studies in the fields of philosophy, psychology, neuroscience and movement Kerry-Lyn has come to understand that the most effective way to do this is through the exploration of the mind, body and spirit. As a result of her intensely curious yet very practical and grounded nature, Kerry-Lyn has spent years learning and developing techniques which she shares with her clients so they are able to observe the mind, experience the body and integrate spirit.