Nikki Slade, kirtan & voicework


Chanting is a divine yoga/the yoga of sound or 'nada'.It is a sublime and ancient practice that is the gateway to connecting with our own true nature. 

The vibration of the sacred syllables in each chant reverberate deeply in the soul of every human being. This is because we are connecting with the primordial resonance of who we truly as vibration. Chanting purifies the heart and soul that we may experience this ancient truth and connect to the bliss of our own being. 

As we perform asanas to align and open the temple of the physical body the sweet vibrations of chanting permeate the subtle body within and we experience the true nature of yoga ‘God dwells within you as you' 

Nikki will be guiding the appleyoga trainees in chanting from the heart ‘kirtan' to experience this ecstatic nada yoga.