Hayley Pedrick, trained with appleyoga

Hayley is a functional medicine practitioner and yoga enthusiast. She came to yoga initially because she thought it would be a good form of exercise - a gentle way to stretch and tone her body post-pregnancy. Looking back she laughs, “I had no idea what I was in for. Yoga has given me gifts beyond my wildest imaginings.”

Shortly after beginning her yoga journey Hayley began to notice powerful benefits from the practice. She grew stronger, leaner and more flexible. The physical asana brought about a confidence and willingness to try all sorts of new poses - even if they appeared to be impossible to achieve. Hayley began to notice that the benefits of her practice extended beyond the mat - she felt she was developing flexibility and creativity in her relationships, at home and in the way she worked with her clients in the clinic.

Inspired by the life-enhancing benefits of yoga had provided both body and mind, Hayley decided to train to become an appleyoga teacher. The wonders unlocked during this teacher training motivated her to deepen her yoga studies, completing the appleyoga assistantship programme which, enables her to enhance her students practice through thoughtful hands-on adjustments

She is deeply grateful to her teacher, Katy, and the many other inspiring guides she has met through the appleyoga courses. 

A skilled natural medicine practitioner, Hayley's classes masterfully blend mindful movement with motivational musings, plugging her students into“the medicine”, potentiated within their yoga practice. Her classes are designed to replenish energy stores and strengthen the body-mind, so that her students are able to take the best version of themselves off the mat and back out into the world.

What are you inspired by?

My garden is incredibly beautiful and deeply reviving. I also love to travel - experiencing new places and getting a snifter of different cultures, maybe even making new friends… The journey can be truly inspiriting and allows you to return with fresh perspective and enthusiasm for life.

Why yoga?

Yoga has shaped both my inner and outer landscapes in a profoundly rejuvenating way. It has cultivated physical and mental strength, confidence and flexibility on and off the mat and provided me with a sense of calm, poise and mental clarity. It's life-enhancing benefits motivates my ongoing dedication to a yogic path.

What music do you listen to?

I'm rather eclectic and my playlists feature a mixture of classical, instrumental, lounge, indie, mantras and rock… Sometimes in succession. Thankfully daughters have come to expect us to move from Cold Play to mantras in a car journey and sing along just as enthusiastically to all of it.

Favourite asana?

Fallen angel - I am yet to achieve this as gracefully as I'd like to but I do find it a beautiful expression of what yoga has enabled my body to access so far. 

Hardest asana?

Astavakrasana (Eight angle pose) - this pose is still very much a work-in-progress. Who knows, maybe one day it will materialise in me! With yoga, much is possible.