Linda Zurak, Pilates

After leaving a ten-year career in the financial industry, Linda graduated in 1999 from The Pilates Center, one of the most rigorous Pilates Training Programmes in the world. Although her intention was purely to open and run a studio, this movement technique was the start of what has become a lifelong quest for spiritual growth, connection and expressing her gifts in the world.

After five years of running her own studio, a successful Teacher Training Programme and extensive personal development training, Linda reassessed her personal and professional life.  She realised she was exhausted and no longer happy working with such a masculine drive focusing only on people's physicality.

She gave up her business and, in her desire to explore a softer, more feminine side of herself, then trained in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis.  This expanded her awareness of energy and movement which brought a fuller dimension to her work with clients.  

After bringing her Teacher Training Programme to the UK in 2006, Linda discovered a love for Kundalini Yoga and meditation which has become a daily grounding practise. 

Currently Linda has completed her second of a four year training in Body Centered Psychotherapy at the Core Energetica Institute, Holland.  This has been a further experience of physical, emotional and spiritual healing for her.    

Learning about how most adult trauma occurs in the first 5 years of childhood has inspired Linda to create a course for new Mums to share this knowledge. She firmly believes that ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” 

Linda is also very excited about using Core Energetics to provide a space for all women to explore the less publicized “shadow self” that is often experienced during and after pregnancy. 

Her passion is to empower women to remember who they are and to live from their feminine essence that is so needed in the world today.