Module II
Teacher Training


Module II Teacher Training moves you from student to teacher.

It will provide trainees with the tools and information to teach yoga with authenticity, clarity and knowledge. On this second module, trainees will be expected to bring their learning and assimilation from Module I and gain experience channelling that into teaching skills.

Time will be dedicated to understanding how to plan and theme classes whilst applying appleyoga's methodology, teaching methodology and the vinyasa krama system. There will be daily teaching labs to practice new skills with constructive feedback reports, which help develop and nurture each trainees confidence, authentic voice and personality ready to hold the teaching space with integrity. This modules requires a gear shift from learning the practical application of the architecture of asana in the first module to focusing on mindfulness, yoga philosophy and darshana, the energy body, pranayama and voice work to create a more integrated and connected yoga practice and therefore a more wholesome yoga teacher. This comprehensive and inspiring Teacher Training will truly prepare you with the tools and experience necessary for holding the seat of a yoga teacher. 

It is essential that Module I has been completed before taking Module II Teacher Training. 

This module is suitable only for trainee teachers and requires a minimum of 2-3 years regular yoga practice. (However we do review applicants on a case by case basis). 

Module II Teacher Training:

  • Detailed masterclasses to clean up and enhance self practice of asana and technique
  • Teaching methodology
  • Teaching labs – practicing teaching skills
  • Teaching beginners
  • Understanding vinyasa kramas
  • Learning how to sequence classes with vinyasa krama & peak poses – using this to teach multi levels
  • Learning level one adjustments & appletouch to correct & enhance students practice
  • Understanding body types and how to help
  • appleyoga class planning 
  • Understanding how to theme classes
  • Energy Body & Chakra System & Psychology
  • Deepening the art of presence
  • The mastery of holding space
  • An Introducation to Yoga Philosophy 
  • Music, intentions and poetry integration for classes explained
  • Teaching ethics and guidelines
  • Business skills
  • Assistance in assessments & Om work

Compulsory Omwork:

  • Observation classes
  • General class plans
  • 10 week Beginners Course Plan
  • 1hr Teaching Assessment class

You will finish Module II Teacher Training:

  • Understanding the teaching methodology and how it is applied
  • Ready to teach a 10 week beginner course 
  • Ready to teach a dynamic vinyasa class for different levels 
  • Experience in teaching
  • Understanding how to plan and theme classes
  • Information for building a yoga business
  • Knowing how to align, adjust and support students and work with common injuries  
  • To hold the seat of a yoga teacher with confidence, eloquence and authenticity


  • Certification is awarded on completion of all hours of the 300hr Program
  • The Omwork handed in, marked and approved by the appleyoga faculty
  • A pass in the 1hr Teaching Assessment class
  • You will then be awarded a certificate, so that you can accredit yourself under Yoga Alliance USA & UK and gain insurance to be able to teach

appleyoga Ltd is an accredited and registered Yoga Alliance school.
On certification all hours of training go towards a Yoga Alliance UK & USA Training certification

Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals.