Learn To Lead Kirtan Workshop with Nikki Slade - London


Learn To Lead Kirtan Workshop with Nikki Slade - London


11th February, 29th April, 17th June 2018


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This workshop day is open to all to discover the chanting/kirtan leader within you. You will be fully empowered in transforming your fears of chanting solo to a room of students or members of the public.

Be empowered into the joys of chanting (kirtan) with courageous devotion. Experience the shakti of the Goddess chanting through you and empowering you as a practitioner or as a yoga teachers to lead your students to the ocean of bliss!

As we let go of the fears of our identity we realise that chanting is happening naturally through our own very unique vessel. 

You will gain the confidence by the end of the day to lead a complete chant from start to finish in front of the entire group. You will experience for yourself the ecstasy of leading and being a unique channel through which the shakti can flow and uplift others. You will feel prepared to bring this new chant as a practice that you can use daily to anchor yourself in your core for daily living or in class as a teacher.

Benefits promised

  • lose your fear of your voice being heard
  • learn a chant at a level that you can lead it at the event
  • receive practical and accessible tools to lead 
  • learn to trust the Shakti within you
  • attain some vocal techniques to open your voice

Arrival and Departure:
The workshop/s will run from 10am to 5pm

What to bring:
Yoga clothes as you will be led in an hour long class taught by Emma Heald at the start of the day! Lumi is a yoga studio so all mats and props provided, unless you wish to bring your own :)

We would encourage you to bring water with you to keep yourself hydrated throughout the workshop.  We would also recommend you bring healthy food and snacks to nibble on at breaks.  Both of these are vital for focus and healthy brain functioning.

All you will need is a notepad and pen. You will be provided with all other materials should they be required.

Terms & Conditions

15 days or more prior to the workshop: your payment will be refunded, less £25 which is your non-refundable deposit.
14 days or less prior to the workshop: payments are not refundable.