Day 3

All feelings are LIFE ITSELF.

The moment you judge a feeling as 'positive' or 'negative', 'high vibration' or 'low vibration', you're already running away from it.

Feelings are neutral energies in the body.
Labels are words in the mind.
Strip away the second-hand words.
Be in the moment, now.

Get ridiculously curious about the raw sensations in your head, throat, chest and belly. Breathe into the sensations. Let them dance, tingle, pulsate, however uncomfortable or intense they are.
Be their Home, not their enemy.
Be their Presence, not their manipulator.

Don't even try to 'release' or 'heal' them; even that is a subtle form of aggression.
You are the vast Sky; the loving Mother of all 'positive' and 'negative' weather.
All feelings are valid, natural.
All feelings are your beloved children.

Anger, sadness, shame, fear;
you birthed them joyfully long ago.
And this is a Homecoming...

- Jeff Foster

Some people have an idea of what meditation is and then feel like they have failed before they have even tried it. The thing is, in order to get the benefit of meditation you have to actually do it.

You have to sit down and bring all of yourself - your crappy day, your anxiety and your obsessions and your crazy monkey mind!

AND accept that even including all of that, you are already perfect.

You can say it now - I am perfect as I am. over and over again.

Really breathe that in. You can do it anywhere, anytime and wherever you are standing.

We must stop making excuses that it’s got to be like this or that… just do the meditation and come sit down!

If you don’t gel with it then we will offer you other meditations to try. This may only be the beginning of a lifelong exploration.