The appleyoga approach to prenatal yoga

appleyoga's fully comprehensive prenatal training offers transformational yogic tools that provide safe, inspiring, nurturing and grounded support for women and their babies in pregnancy. 

Pregnancy is completely natural process and we focus on providing our teachers with a balanced understanding of the emotional and psychological journey into motherhood as well as the relevant and precise anatomy and physiology. This enables our teachers to guide women into their own intuition with integrity and awareness. 

As a prenatal yoga teacher trained with appleyoga it is vital to be able to create a consistent and supportive space for women at their most intense period of change in life. These classes offer women a time to come together and practice yoga with clear and confident teachers, that will form the basis from which they can embody their new roles in life with grace and clarity.

You will finish the prenatal training...

  • Ready to teach full spectrum prenatal yoga classes with teaching skills in breath, relaxation, sound, contemplation and asana.
  • Able to adapt a regular yoga class to support prenatal needs.
  • Knowing how to adapt yoga asana for prenatal women and treating common ailments with in the class.
  • With an understanding of how different cultures have viewed women in pregnancy and birth throughout the ages and why this is relevant to teaching yoga today.
  • With fine-tuned teaching set of appleyoga pods, breath work, kriyas & more.
  • A clear understanding of the 7 Spiritual Truths and how they inform a personal teaching style.
  • An insight into the spiritual process of a teacher and how it allows us to hold the space for students with more integrity.