Pre & Postnatal course content:


Main body of study (approx 50hrs) with Katy Appleton

  • Detailed master classes to explain the use of asana, pranayama, meditation and kriyas specifically in a pre and postnatal context
  • Detailed asana technique classes to apply appleyoga's methodology ready to teach safe and effective pre and postnatal yoga
  • Practical teaching time 
  • appleyoga pre and postnatal class layout and class planning
  • Learning pre and postnatal applepods
  • Learning how to sequence classes with vinyasa krama - using this approach to teach regular classes with pre and postnatal students
  • Learning how to integrate within a postnatal class, baby yoga movements, massage and simply how to hold space for mama's with babies in the class.
  • Understanding how to theme classes
  • Understanding common ailments in pregnancy and post birth and creating safe and intelligent options to balance and relieve
  • Music, intentions and poetry integration for classes explained
  • Review time of course content
  • Assistance in assessments & Om work

Postnatal Pilates Pods (approx 9hrs) with Linda Zurak and Katy Appleton

  • Pilates workshops to apply the pilates pods, to enable the teacher to be ready to teach simple and effective postnatal pilates within a postnatal yoga class

Baby Yoga & Massage knowledge and techniques (approx 9hrs) with Ruth Larkin and Katy Appleton

  • Dedicated baby yoga & massage day to understand how best to create classes with the baby within them. This will enable the teacher to be ready to teach simple and effective postnatal yoga class with babies in the room and also more dominate baby yoga & massage classes with a little postnatal emphasis within the class

Anatomy (approx 9hrs) with Kicki Hansard and Katy Appleton

  • Pre and postnatal Anatomy and Physiology
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the labour process

Philosophy (approx 4hrs) with Katy Appleton

  • An overview of the Chakra system & Nadis
  • The 7 Spiritual Truths 

Psychology (approx 3hrs) with Katy Appleton

  • Looking into the psychological journey into motherhood

Breath (approx 3hrs) with Katy Appleton

  • Understanding Breathwork in pregnancy, labour and beyond
  • Safe and effective breathing techniques in pregnancy
  • Understanding breath physiology and the nervous system in labour

Ethics (approx 1hr) with Katy Appleton

  • Ethics & guidelines

Om Coursework & Assessments for Graduation (approx 20hrs)

  • Pre-course reading
  • Pre-course essays
  • Exam on course content (during the course)

To be handed in no later than 1 month after the end of the course

  • One essay on a chosen element of the 7 Spiritual Truths (Post course) 
  • Written course plan and theming template of 2 Prenatal yoga class (Post course)
  • Written class plan and theming template of 2 Postnatal yoga class (Post course)